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Goodfellas: initial reactions

Questions and topics for M 10/14

Here are points of discussion about Children of Men for M. Feel free to make additional suggestions or to start the conversation here.

  • Uses of color and light.
  • Use of multiple aspects of mise-en-scène to build the world of the film.
  • The significance of animals, and, the attraction of animals to Theo.
  • How the film shows different kinds of marginalization, e.g., marginalization from how a character is identified by others versus characters who are marginalized by choice, such as from their politics.


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Ray Barton

I really enjoyed the significance of animals and the attraction of animals to Theo within Children of Men because it showed how life was still continuing on, despite it not being human life. It was much like how plants will continue to thrive around old abandoned buildings and it showed how the earth itself is much more resilient than what we make it out to be. The attraction of animals to Theo singled him out as the hero due to his kind nature. Animals are good indicators of the character of a person and they showed that deep down he was a good person despite how jaded he was.

mak york

I liked the significant use of animals in this movie. From all the pet owners, to the deer in the abandoned school. The pet owners I believe have pets because the animals are making up for what should be a child and people's natural nurturing behavior. And the deer in the abandoned school I think showed that even though human life is getting messed up, and nearing its end, the rest of nature continues to live and thrive.

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